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A little about me!

I am a strong, laugh-out-loud introvert who cries at happy movies and gets lost in books (when there is time to read...on vacation maybe). I could eat cinnamon sugar toast and avocados all day long!

Photography is my way of storytelling, and when I look at a photograph, I FEEL the moment, and my head and heart rejoice in the memory. With my lens, I capture the everyday details that make up my life, those moments that become my cherished memories. I am a witness most of all. This is what I do for my family, and what I hope to do for yours.

I am the photographer for the families who want to remember this moment. 

Whether a big life changing moment like vows, or the arrival of your baby,

or the small in-between moments that will hold onto your heart so tightly,

that you can't imagine anything sweeter than right now.

My style of photography captures the unique textures that make up your life.

I will cherish these moments with you,

creating a unique and engaging experience

that produces artful and engaging images for your family.

The Session Experience

** Relaxed Sessions + Online Booking **

What I hope to give you after our time together, is a collection of images that you can return to over and over. Images that will give you all the feels, make you smile and remember the moment.

** All Inclusive Packages + Homemade Gifts from Alec **

My packages are All Inclusive. This means our time together + all of the Hi Resolution Digital files from our session will be yours. Simply, you do not have to select favorites and I am not restricted on what I can include in your gallery. Hurray!


Expect to have fun! Expect to be yourself, your silly, unique, imperfect self!

A few recent blog posts...

Featured Family Session

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In-Home Session Fears?

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Have you thought about hiring a photographer to come to your home to document your family? Only to second guess yourself... is my house clean enough? Is my home picturesque?  If you are worried about having a photographer, with a camera, taking pictures in your home... let me help ease your fears...Every client's space is different, and every family has their own rhythm...            Read more...

Cloth Diaper Service

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What is a Fresh 48?

Seattle Newborn Photographer

When I enter your space, whether it is 8 hours after birth or at your home weeks later, I aim to bring a calm and understanding presence. An experience where you feel comfortable and excited after our time together. I understand that your days are changing, and that is why I am there, to help you document your life's transitions and growth...Read more

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