Testimonials from Clients - Alec Mills Photography

When I am invited into my client's lives, I am instantly humbled and honored to be welcomed into their space. To share in their life's big moments, and little moments. The big un-forgettables like bringing home your newborn baby. But also the moments and details that are hard to remember, because like so many memories they are faded just beyond clarity. Those moments, like twirling your child's baby hairs at the bottom of their neck, or how their entire hand wraps around just ONE of your fingers as they hold tight.

Thank you to each and every one of my incredible clients and friends. You are each and every single one of you inspiring to me. 

Creating an experience for my clients is very important to me, but for someone looking to book a photographer for the first time it can be daunting. You can read these accounts below to get a feel, or take a deeper look into what it was like to book with Alec. 

Read first hand from a repeat client about her experience with booking a professional photographer that she had never met to document her family. She recounts her fears and anxieties about inviting a stranger into her home and expectations before, during and after a session with me..."The Client Experience"

Whitefield Family

"Alec is truly a photographic artist, she captures the most gorgeous expressions and loving connections between people, natural elements, and just special real moments that you never want to lose. I can’t even begin to explain how much joy her photos bring to me. In addition to Alec’s work, I’m so drawn to her as an individual, as is my entire family! She is able to connect with people, and that automatically shows at the first glance of any of her photos. My husband, kids and I have never been more comfortable interacting with a person holding a camera in our home, and around town. I attribute her amazing photos to her gorgeous and loving character, defined skill and remarkable talent- She knows exactly when to cue us and will suggests a certain interaction, and then she knows when to let us do us- and it all turns out so so so incredibly (!) beautiful. We have had photos with her done at home, in addition to remote sessions in public parks. I get excited booking our family sessions every year to capture my kids as they are growing and changing."

~ Liz

Boronowsky Family

"I don't even know where to start with Alec. Honestly, our experiences with her could not have been any better, and I cannot recommend her enough. We’ve had three sessions with her now (maternity, newborn shoot, and a family shoot on the day I graduated college). And I hope she is able to capture many more photos of our family over the years. Alec is HILARIOUS AND SO FUN. Her personality made it really easy to relax and almost forget we were getting photographed. She always keeps us talking throughout the session, yet somehow, there's not a single weird photo of us mid-sentence! She's magical! She provides the perfect amount of direction without making us feel like we were being unnaturally posed. Her photos are incredible. I have twins. It was not a glorious pregnancy, and I’ve been so incredibly tired since they were born. I was sure I would never feel right in my skin again, and that photos would reflect that. However, Alec managed to make me authentic but beautiful during every session. She captures the reality of motherhood and family life, yet somehow makes that reality seem like it’s the most natural and beautiful thing in the world. Every single one of the photos is something I'm proud of. She blended our style, the vibe of our family, and the natural surroundings of each location in a way that was just out of this world! The world is so lucky to have such a kind and gifted person in it!"

~ Renate

Doucette Family

"Alec is truly amazing. She quickly stole my children's hearts with her warm and kind spirit and put our family totally at ease. It was a blessing to be able to see our family through her eyes. We have the images she took lovingly displayed around our home and they warm my heart every time I see them. It was an absolute treat to have been able to work with and get to know Alec."

~ Christa

Chappell Family

"Alec is simply the best. A true artist, she makes the experience so much fun while capturing the most stunning images. I'm not exaggerating when I say I have 20 pictures from a single session hanging on my walls! I will always cherish meeting her, and the gift she gave my family, forever. Do not hesitate to work with Alec. You will NOT regret it!" ~ Kara

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