Saturday November 9th

7 Sessions Available

* 10.20 am  * 11 am   *  11.40 am  * 12.20  *  1 pm * 1.40 pm * 2.20pm * 


Cozy Indoor Studio  in Downtown Seattle with warm light and big windows!

I want to get you set up with a fun and quick activity while we are together!

* Making Hot Chocolate

* Playing a board game

* Dance Party

* Eating a cake

* Drinking Champagne

You know... something fun and YOU!

*  Studio space is in Downtown Seattle + location will be sent to you upon booking   



20 Minutes

10 Digital files


* $300 Reserves your spot and completes booking. 

* Normal Mini Session produce anywhere  25+ images and are delivered 2 weeks after our session date, with plenty of time to finish off your holiday cards!

* You will have a private web gallery to choose your 10 favorite images. After, you may  choose to purchase additional items like the full digital gallery, a story album or art prints.

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