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Welcome to my little space on the internet!

If you haven't met me in real life, here are a few random facts:

* The past year, I have gone from owning 4 house plants to over 50 PLANTS. That is insane. But it is true. My house is full of green life  year round, and I am obsessed.

* I am known to quote Monty Python often. I love Monty Python. Like Silly Walks, dead parrots, and Knights who say Nee kind of love.

* I have saved re-reading the Harry Potter series for when my eldest daughter is 10 (or 9...), I haven't given in yet... but holding out for 3 + more years sounds really hard! 

* I really don't like carrots. Like at all.

* Avocados, however, I would eat all day. everyday. 

* When I am not busy working you can find me with my fingers in the dirt gardening, crafting and creating or just doing absolutely nothing in my PJ's... cuddled up on the couch with my family watching movies.

The story of my life with a camera started when I was 11, and without knowing it, I have had a camera at my side since that day 22 years ago. But my journey of photographing human connection started 6 years ago after I gave birth to my daughter.

Feeling like time was moving too fast, my lens turned to the tiny human in my lap.

Her newborn toes and baby rolls were quickly transforming into a fast and toothy toddler... I wanted to remember it all. Each tiny finger. Every curl on the back of her neck. How we touched noses for comfort.

Or the first garden we planted together. 

As a child, I loved flipping through old picture boxes and hoarding my favorites. I asked about what I saw in the pictures and my parents recalled vacations, holidays, stories of drawing on the walls with permanent markers, birthdays or trips to the park to feed the ducks.

The pictures became a way for us to remember. To tell stories. 

Photography is my way of story telling, and when I look at a photograph, I FEEL the moment, and my head and heart rejoice in the memory. 

With my lens, I capture the everyday details that make up my life, those moments that become my cherished memories.

I am a witness most of all.

This is what I do for my family, and what I hope to do for yours.

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