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About Alec

I am a mother, a wife, and best friend.

I am also a strong, laugh-out-loud introvert who cries at happy movies and gets lost in books (when there is time to read...on vacation maybe). I could eat cinnamon sugar toast and avocados all day long!

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my 2 adorable kids, amazing husband and trusty pup. And  look to explore whenever possible.

Feeling like time was moving too fast with my first baby, I turned my camera from my landscapes to the tiny human in my lap.

Her newborn toes and baby rolls were quickly transforming into a fast and toothy toddler... I wanted to remember it all. Each tiny finger. Every curl on the back of her neck. How we touched noses for comfort. Or the first garden we planted together. 

As a child, I loved flipping through old picture boxes and hoarding my favorites. I asked about what I saw in the pictures and my parents recalled vacations, holidays, stories of drawing on the walls with permanent markers, birthdays or trips to the park to feed the ducks.

The pictures became a way for us to remember. To tell stories. 

Photography is my way of story telling, and when I look at a photograph, I FEEL the moment, and my head and heart rejoice in the memory. 

With my lens, I capture the everyday details that make up my life, those moments that become my cherished memories.

I am a witness most of all.

This is what I do for my family, and what I hope to do for yours.

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Kind Words

Renate + Kenny, Maternity in Long Beach, California

"I don't even know where to start with Alec. Honestly, the experience with her could not have been any better, and I cannot recommend her enough. First off... Alec is HILARIOUS AND SO FUN. Her personality made it really easy to relax and almost forget we were getting photographed. She is sweet as pie and she talked to us the entire time... (Yet somehow, there's not a single weird photo of us mid-sentence! She's magical!) The time flew by, but we had so much fun. She provided the perfect amount of direction without making us feel like we were being unnaturally posed. At this point, I had no idea how the pictures were going to turn out, but I knew that the day was super fun so it was already worth it!

HOLY COW! To say we were blown away when we started receiving photos would be an understatement! Honestly, I've never felt more gorgeous in my life than I did looking back at those photos. How she accomplished that when I was hugely pregnant with TWINS, I'll never know.. but I am eternally grateful!! Every single one of the photos is something I'm proud of. We still looked like ourselves (not posed or overly photo-shopped) but we also looked like the most attractive version of ourselves that I've ever seen (and that includes how we looked at our wedding!)

She blended our style with the natural surroundings of each location in a way that was just out of this world!"

Awaiting Twins, Featured Session

The Twins, Newborns in Long Beach CA

Meg + Becca Owen, Seattle, WA

"She makes every photo shoot relaxed and fun so you don't even know you've posed until you see the final photos."

Newborn Ellie, In home Session

Maternity Session at Home

Lyon Family, Bainbridge Island Washington

"When we asked you to photograph our family for our fall pictures, I knew I would be happy with the results, but I didn't know I would be blown away - and I was. After getting our final pictures, I went through them over and over again, and I was utterly amazed at how in such a short time, you were able to perfectly capture each of our personalities. My three and a half-year-old and one year old were stripped down by the end of the night (after getting completely drenched and frolicking in the water), and what I love most is how you used that opportunity to capture them in their truest form. Boys being boys! Each image you gave us is magical. I have never had such beautiful pictures taken of our family, and for that, I am eternally grateful! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us. All of your future clients are extremely lucky to connect with you!"

Lyons Family, Bainbridge Island WA

Kara Chappell, Oak Harbor, WA

"When I first started following your work, I knew if I was ever lucky enough to have you as MY photographer, that I would be blown away. But seeing my final gallery, was more of an emotional experience than I was prepared for.

Thank you. You captured my family as we are. I know (Lord, do I know) that it’s not easy to photographer two toddlers, and show their happy, silly and loving sides. But you did. I know that it’s not easy to make my husband look at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. But you did. And the icing on the cake were the pictures of Ryan and I. Not since our wedding have I had pictures of the two of us, just being us and looking like the lovebirds we truly are. Thank you. I will cherish these pictures forever."

Chappell family in Oak Harbor, WA

Alea Reidinger, Seattle Wedding

"I've been going thru them {the pictures} again and again one section at a time and each time I notice something I hadn't noticed before. They really are gorgeous! I love that I can so distinctly remember what I was feeling at each moment too. Amazing...I don't know how you managed to capture that, but you did!"

Alea + Patrick, Seattle WA

Meredith MacRae, Seattle Maternity

"Alec Mills came to photograph my growing family when I was in my second trimester of pregnancy. In our current technological age, everyone has cell phone cameras, but very few moments (at least in my day-to-day) are captured with a good quality camera, for nostalgia's sake. I wanted to capture this beautiful moment in our lives beyond what Facebook and Instagram had to offer - and I am forever thankful that I did. The images Alec captured, the moments in time, the love between my husband and I, left me breathless and overcome with joy.

Alec is a highly talented photographer for many reasons. For anyone that has seen her work, she undoubtedly translates the beauty of life into an image flawlessly. Her editing skills are impeccable, and she really seems to maintain the integrity of the image without adding unnecessary adjustments, filters, etc. What can go unnoticed, however, is her disarming quality. She is such a comforting presence, you almost don't realize she's taking photos of you. My husband is exceedingly camera-shy, and Alec didn't even flinch but got him to chatting and feeling so comfortable you'd never even know how nervous he was before the shoot. As a result, we have stellar accounts of that beautiful morning she came over to capture a moment in our lives. And for that, I will be eternally grateful. If I could carry Alec Mills around in my pocket to document my life, I would do it in a heartbeat. Second best, though, I'll continue to hire her for our landmark moments through life - because she truly captures them the best."

25 Weeks Waiting

36 Weeks Waiting

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