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A collection of moments and sessions I connected with over the years.

Crab a coffee or a snack and enjoy these collected frames.

Family Photo Session at Low-Tide

Combining my creative nature with the connections and family time of my normal sessions is a full blown inspirational dream. I plan my Low Tide sessions to be at the perfect time for both light and the low low tide. This year, there are only 2 weekends this summer that align for my schedule and the lunar tides. Read more to see what we can do when we create a unique session experience... 

10+ Ideas for your family session in Seattle

Every family or newborn photography session starts with the same question… Where do you want to take your pictures? At your home, a favorite park … or go on a new adventure? Usually, this conversation leads to discovering what my clients really want to capture during our time together. We discuss what they would normally do on a slow weekend morning, or what type of activities they enjoy as a family. Bath time with your baby, or watching as a toddler discovers what it feels like to have sand between their toes... these are the moments we want to remember and that is why I do what I do...Read the full story

Baking Cookies with Jude, Seattle Family Photographer

When families are booking their sessions, I am often asked "What will we do at home during our session?"... For me, I have pulled together a list of fun and engaging activities that my families have connected with. Because my main goal in suggesting activities like these, is to get you to think about what your family likes to do together. Or what your normal lazy weekend morning looks like. We want to document your normal and create images that are extra ordinary...Read the full story

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