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Weather or Not

Seattle Family + Newborn Photographer

September 17th, 2021

Being a family photographer in the Pacific Northwest, one of the top questions I get asked this time of year is ... What if it rains?

So, What IF it rains? The simple answer is, unless it is a terrible downpour, we GO FOR IT! More often than not, if you allow for a little flexibility on our start time, we can find weather breaks and use the weather to our advantage. An advantage?! Yes, that is correct. Bright, sunny days can be absolutely gorgeous for your family photos. AND it also means some unpredictable lighting, more shadows and if it is really bright... some squinting. HOWEVER, clouds are natures perfect defuser. Basically setting a lighting situation that leaves everyone lit evenly and no squinting.

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If we rescheduled every time rain was on the forecast, we wouldn't see each other until next Spring. I say that with as much love and sarcasm as possible ;-)

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