Skin to Skin, An Intimate Portrait of Motherhood

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March 20th, 2021

Every once in a while we come across work that speaks to us; mind, body and soul. This was that session for me. A motherhood sessions designed specifically to celebrate the connection between mother and child. A space to get raw and connect over the transitions in motherhood.

When this client reached out with a specific vision, I was immediately on board. Having gone through a difficult postpartum of my own, and the ups and downs of being a new parent.

Below are my client's reflection on her vision, as well as her thoughts post gallery delivery, and selection of images from our time together.

First, a few words From my beautiful and creative client:

"After a very rough first six months with our little one, I wanted to create space to capture some real-life images that spoke to the constant ebb and flow of our new relationship together. Our baby was colic, was in and out of the hospital, and has severe food allergies that took six months to discover. The postpartum period had been anything but relaxing! But I know there’s beauty in the hard times too, so I asked Alec to come capture some of that.

Alec arrived with allergy-friendly treats and felt like an old friend. We were able to pack so much variety into our time together and even my camera-shy partner had fun. I specifically requested some photos of my baby and I feeding in the shower as soothing water and snuggles was something that reminded me of both the good and hard days together."

"Our final product was above and beyond what I was expecting. Alec was able to catch details I hadn’t even thought to request- the way my baby kicks her feet when feeding, my red and sore nipples from breastfeeding trouble, my milk stained slippers."

"These photos are a testament of both our love and our trials. I feel proud of my tired, out-of-shape body as it’s the same body that has been up at least once an hour every night for months and has provided love and nourishment to our baby. I hope she will grow up to see what a celebration our bodies can be through these photos as I do.

I am eternally grateful to Alec’s artistic talent and ease in capturing these for us!

I am proud of the images we created together and hope you see the struggle and the strength in this series of images." ~ Nicole

This type of family work feeds my creative soul. Connecting with clients who want to show the real and the raw, and create meaningful portraits that reflect a specific time in their lives.

All the cliche sayings are true. Time is a thief, and they grow up so fast!

Reach out if this is something you want for yourself!

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