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Seattle Newborn Photographer, Baby Zoey

When I arrive, I do not expect a big greeting. In fact, if we are on the same page it usually goes a little like this...

You, mom, are still in bed resting... As you should be. Most likely feeding your baby. Your partner answers the door and we come to greet you with a fresh cup of warm coffee/tea/or a snack and some water.

On my way to meet you, your pet cat makes sure to check me out at the top of the stairs before I am allowed to meet his precious new family member. You are still cuddled up in bed, nursing your baby. There is no need to get up or move. No need to change. Your morning glow together is beautiful and everything I want to capture.

Baby takes a nursing break to sleep on your chest, and we talk quietly and admire your beautiful babe.

Our flow moves from there as you slowly get ready and your partner takes over the soothing. These mornings will be moving fast in just a few short months, and I love how photography can take you back to a time that passed too quickly.

We spent only part of our morning in the bedroom, and as soon as we had baby Z dressed in her sweater (hand knit by grandma), we moved downstairs for a refill on beverages and cuddles with their cat. What do you remember most from those first days and weeks at home with your newborn baby? What do you wish you would have photographed?

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