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Baby Tova at Home

February 25th, 2020

My clients joke that they have rooms or closets where they have stuffed all of their household items that they didn't want photographed during our sessions. I totally get it. The only other time my house is as clean... when I host at my home... anyone.

Naturally, we clean when we want to present the most decluttered versions of ourselves to our guests... among other reasons. But it is always a joking point for my return clients, those that know the ropes and how my images reflect the spaces we occupy. What I want to repeat, is that when your eyes fall upon a photograph of mine...I want you to get involved with the subjects.

To feel their warmth, their connection. To have your eye move around the composition to take in the details of a newborns eyelashes or the way their finger grips their parent's finger.

That first viewing, you won't notice a lamp shade is crooked or that ever cabinet in the kitchen is open (see this Blog here:  A Family Kitchen Portrait).

But after closer inspection you realize that these homes I photograph are just like every other home. Filled with furniture and art that you have pieced together over the years. Blankets and pillows that you actually use. Kitchens that you have renovated or backyard gardens you have grown. They are the parts that make up your home, and each nook and cranny has meaning to you and only to YOU. 

Now bring a baby home and all those little details of your life and home will never be the same again, they will be more. They will be together.

After we spent time  at their home, we all packed up and drove to the location of their Naming Ceremony for sweet little Tova.

I blogged about the second half of this day here: Tova's Naming Ceremony

Photographing families in and around their homes will continue to be my favorite type of session. The combination of spending time at their home for a traditional newborn photo session AND documenting their family event directly after, it meant that I spent half of a day with this family. I offer several packages for you to chose what will work best for your famliy's needs. Head to my Investment page to find out more.

If you want your newborn photographs  to be warm, cuddly and true...

give me a shout. I am your photographer.

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