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July 20th, 2021

Can I book my session on line?

Yes! You can reserve and book your session using my Online Scheduler! Simple select the date that works best for you. My system will send you a contract and deposit invoice. Your deposit must be paid at the time of booking to reserve your selected date.


Alternately, you can always reach out via email to discuss a specific time, date or event. 

When should I book my newborn photoshoot?

There are a few differing opinions on this topic. And it really all comes down to you. Do you want your newborn to look "brand new"? Then in the first 10 days after birth. Do you want to capture the newness of family life after baby, but still get baby looking tiny and curled up? 1 week - 3 weeks. Or give me a holler as soon as you feel comfortable having someone in your home. I wrote a blog:

https://www.alecmillsphotography.com/Blog/Scheduling-Newborn-Photos-Seattle-Newborn-PhotographerWhen should I schedule Newborn Photos?

Where should my family have our family photos?

Unless you know exactly what you want from our time together, many clients ask me what should they do with our session time? My answer will generally be the same every time... what do you like to do together? At home? Your favorite park? BBQ with the grandparents? Cooking your grandmother's famous pie recipe?... The options are endless, and I want my clients to think of an experience worth remembering. Not only in pictures, but in your hearts. Yes, corny I know. But I aim to give my clients an experience along with a gallery of images they will enjoy for generations.

So, what do you want to remember and pass down as stories and images of your family? 

What is the turnaround time for my finished gallery and products?

Turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks after our session date. Longer if my schedule is especially full. I will keep in touch about delivery expectations based on the time of year.

However, I LOVE sending a gallery of sneaks within about a week of our session together. I can't help it, I love giving that little peek into our time together.

Are digital files included in your package prices?

Yes! All packages (*except 1) include all finished digital files from our time together. The number of images in your finished gallery depends on the length of time we are together. Packages are listed on my Investment page. Sessions With Alec

*The only package that does not include a Full digital gallery, is a Mini Session. Find out more about Mini Session offerings.

Can we include other family members in our photo shoot?

Short answer is,  yes. Absolutely. The amount of time you want to include them should be discussed between your family before I arrive. However, I photograph extended families often and offer packages to encompass large groups and dynamics. The more time we have together, the more varied your large family gallery can be. The shorter our time, the fewer options we have.

Can our family dog/pet be included?

YES. Always a yes. Some families chose to keep their pets in a separate space while I am there due to health or energy reasons. Whatever you are comfortable with, I am ready for! 

Are Props provided?

I am not a prop photographer, but please bring any meaningful items like blankets or toys for a couple of shots. Some clients have stuffed animals from their childhoods or quilts made by grandparents. We always have time to include those in a few shots.

Do you take nursing photos?

Absolutely yes. If we have not discussed your preference ahead of time, I will ask during our session if you are comfortable with me taking photographs of you nursing. If you would prefer to take a private  moment, we can pause our time or I can photograph other family members.

Package options? Addons? Products?

I offer a wide range of packages and beautiful products. A Full packages include a Story Album and gift prints from Alec. Products are always available for purchase after your gallery has been delivered. You can order prints directly from your online gallery, or reach out for archival and large prints and albums. By far my favorite and most popular product are my Story Albums. You can find more information on Sessions with Alec on the Investment tab on the menu.

Do you deliver Color OR BW images? Both?

I deliver the majority of your finished gallery in edited color images. Every once in a while an image will server better as a BW image and I will create one. I also find that I love an image so much, I want it in both color and BW.

Will there be BW images in your gallery? Yes.

Will we get a BW copy of every image? No.

If you have a preference to BW imagery, please let me know and I will take it into account while editing. 

Do you visit hospitals for newborns or births?

Short answer is yes. Longer answer, you will need to check with your hospital or birthing center about their visitor policy post Covid. If photographers are allowed, I will do what is needed to safely visit you while you are there. When I can visit in the hours and days after your birth, we can do a 45 minute Fresh 48 session. What is a Fresh 48?



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