Out of Focus, Blurry is Beautiful

Yes, on purpose.

October 15th, 2018

Others might skip over these images, press delete right away and move on.

Catching an out of focus moment might seem like a mistake, a camera or lens malfunction. But to me,  the blur, the movement, the fault makes it all the more beautiful. In in-between, where your brain doesn't recognize the shapes and so it fills in the gaps.

I see shapes, an endless story waiting to unfold.

I see haze and light, shadow and color.

I see a dream revealing itself,  a memory that is just out of reach.

When I shoot, I am looking for these moments. Where your form and the space around you create a cohesive image that blurs between reality and your dreams.

This is me, my intentional art, what inspires me and pushes me to create.

These are a few of my favorite Out of Focus images, all taken at client sessions and delivered in their final galleries.

  • Amber Stallard

    on November 2, 2018

    These images are so beautiful! I am so obsessed. I love how you choose to do this with intention.

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