My house is never clean

August 25th, 2018

Shoreline, Wa

I say it every week. Right after the 5th time decluttering the floor of baby toys. "My house is never clean!" The thought of having company over, let alone a photographer to document our life... is stressful.

Professionally, I see ALL types of homes. Those that are spotless and have been kept that way as part of their lifestyle. And others, like myself, that have full shelves with overflowing papers and books. Our floors may or may not have been swept that month... and there are dust bunnies in most corners :-/ Um yeah... guilty!

However, when I come to your home to photograph you and your family... All i see are your kids glowing faces as they explain why they have 2 dozen paper snowflakes on your front window.

It may seem strange, but your clutter or cleanliness doesn't effect the outcome of your images. No matter the background, I want you to see how you held hands or laughed together. When you look back in 5, 10, 20 years time... you won't notice the dog fur on your couch or the day old dishes in the sink. You will see you as a young parent, holding your children close and loving them hard.

Your house is not a disaster, it is normal.

Now, by no means are any of these images in cluttered or messy spaces. I am sure you spent some time trying to find dust or damaging background details ... but what I want you to know, is that the focus of all of these images are the subjects and what they are doing in the moment. Each image tells a little story, a time capsule in an image. A snap back to a time when their babies were little and their lives were in the throws of raising young children. Beautifully full.

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