Playful Family Portraits at Low-Tide

Low Tide Sessions 2019

I pick a handful of specific days during the warmer months in the Pacific Northwest, to play with your family at low tide. We schedule our sessions when the tide is at its lowest AND when the light is just right.

Barefoot and ready to discover.

I have researched the best days this summer where low-tide aligns with the ideal time of day to have your family photos taken.

Summer 2019 Low Tide Session Information

This Seattle family hit the jackpot with a sunrise and low tide combo.

Read below to get a feel for our morning and spend a moment with the images  created of their family.

Three years ago, I met a family who filled my inspiration bucket. That sounds silly I know. But, woah. That morning was something special. The mama, a stunning mother of 3, is a photographer friend on the Kitsap Peninsula (now Michigan, boohoo). We had been conversing on-line and via email for a little while and this was the first time we had met in person.

My absolute favorite thing about planning for the low-tide during your family photo session?? Using that low low water to create reflections… there is a stillness and beauty to the water that pulls at my emotional heart strings… and this gets me every. single. time! However, you may be surprised at how close my camera comes to the water to get these shots.

If you want to create these type of images for your family, reach out and lets create something special.

Create a special experience for your family.

Available Low Tide Session Information available here;

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