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Low Tide Adventure Sessions

Seattle Family Photographer

April 12th, 2021

Imagine arriving at the beach, taking your shoes off, rolling up your pant legs and slowly walking into the easy waters of low tide.

The water is cool, but your feet adjust quickly, your toes digging into and wiggling in the sand.

I want you to close your eyes and breathe in those feelings with your partners, your kids, your self.

I find the most inspiration when my families are engaged in each other, no matter what the activity. And Low Tide at the beach seems to get everyone excited.

Every single session is different, because each family is drawn to different things and our inspiration takes us in all directions. The time of day, the tides, the weather. All contribute to a special day at the beach with your family.

But I am there to tell you where and when to meet for the best Low Tide imagery... reflections, safe play for kids and connected moments for mom and dad...and how to avoid the crowded beaches during the beautiful weather.  I have it all set up for you.

One thing remains the same through all my sessions;

The Families willing to set aside distractions and be present with each other. To play and be carefree, and let me take them on an experience together. YOU are the ones who make these sessions memorable, and together we create beautiful imagery for your family.

And I am right there with you. Smiling, splashing, getting wet and showing you how wonderful this time as a family can be.

There is something about being barefoot in the sand that brings out the child in all of us...well, in me at least.

The images that we create together will be a testament to your family adventures.

Images of soaking each other in.

The most important thing for my clients to take away from our time together is that you had fun and felt relaxed. That looks different for every family and I take pride in serving each of my families and their unique needs.

The Pacific Northwest is an incredible place to live, and I love exploring its coastlines and mountain tops with my clients. If you have an adventure that fits your family, and want me to come along, I am so THERE!

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