Low Light, No problem

Intimate Newborn Photography in Seattle

It was a cold and dark winter day, but we had one window in each room... and that was enough for me. I am a natural light photographer, no flash, no gadgets. So, I depend on the light in your home or venue to guide me. Usually, clients warn me of the lack of light in their homes, and are hesitant about booking a family photo session at home because of this worry. I want to help my families feel confident, that any space can be used to create emotive and unique images for you and your family.


I arrived with pastries from a local bakery and we enjoyed some coffee while we caught up and marveled over their beautiful baby girl. Remi is as sweet as she looks and we loved on her all morning. Newborn sessions in your home shouldn't change much from your normal routine with a baby… we try to make her smile, change her diaper, nurse/feed, hold her and stare at her… then repeat. The only difference, I use what light you have to our advantage. In this case, it was one window in each room, and placing you in the space to our benefit. Light and shadow and the contrasts between them help play with our visual emotions, and that is exactly what I hope my work can bring to a moment.

To take you back, to tell the story of where you are in life with a single photograph.

This family has a special place in my heart. When I first started taking on wedding clients, they were the first to trust me with their big day… and now here we are! Documenting their first baby in their first home together in Seattle.

I cannot truly express the honor it is to document and watch my clients grow over the years. To see them first with their closest family and friends, and then a couple of years later I see both of them reflected in this tiny person.

This last image is a pull back in their living room space. This is what the room looked like in real time when we walked in. Overhead lights, one big sliding door. But nothing bright or airy. Lets use what you have and make beautiful imagery to share with your family!

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