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Worried about an In-Home Photo Session?

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July 8th, 2018

It seems daunting. Inviting someone with a camera into your home. To photograph your family's intimate and meaningful moments. It is daunting for me too... I feel a responsibility to you, to your story.

But I am just like you, I have two kids at home who tear through the house and leave chaos in their wake. Beautiful, creative chaos.

Usually, I am a flurry of productivity the day before friends or family come to visit. To them, the house may seem clutter free and mostly clean (for our standards)! But, I am messy and flustered. Whatever state your home is in when I arrive... I am not going to know the difference. I promise you, I don't even notice. I am more interested in how your toddler grabs a single finger while he learns to walk.

I also know that kids will be kids, still processing their emotions, happy one moment and inconsolable the next. We roll with it, the screaming for joy and overwhelmed quiet. All of it.

I know what it takes just to have familiar faces around, so I want to reassure you how relaxed and stress free our time together is meant to be. We have spent time conversing via email, text or phone. Chances are you have been following me on social media and have a grasp of the person showing up at your home.

I work hard to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your kids, pets and other family members. We will introduce ourselves, and I will get aquatinted with your kids and pets before my camera even comes out of my bag.

In home sessions are generally in the morning hours, so coffee is flowing and life is already in full swing.

That is why I am there, to document that beautiful chaos and show you how beautiful and tangible your moments are.

To celebrate this life you are building.

I have started to blog about the great activities that I have planned with past and current clients. Both to help reassure you of our time together AND to inspire you to create a session that is unique to YOU!

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