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October 24th, 2018

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I am writing a series of articles on what we do during our sessions in your home. Most of the time, clients are booking an At-Home Session for the first time and have some questions about how we will spend our time together. What will we do? How will we keep my kids interested and not absolutely crazy??? My two most common questions before a session.

First, kids are crazy. Kids are sweet. Kids are interested in me and my camera. 

Letting go of the expectation that they are going to act calm, quiet and reserved while I am there, is essential. I like to think I am pretty good with kids, and work hard to get them comfortable with me and having my camera around. I step into your home with my camera still in my bag, introduce myself to your kids, pets, husbands, grandparents. And slowly, I take my camera out and start shooting what I see.

However, your session can move much smoother when we have a couple activities planned for everyone. Like Baking Cookies with your Kids or a favorite family recipe. Or just spending A Weekend Morning Together in your bedroom, cuddling and playing.

I start by asking my clients to describe their perfect weekend together. This usually brings up the most beautiful stories of big breakfasts, coffee, going to the Local Farmer's Market, making food or tending to their garden. Quiet on the couch while the kids run circles around the living room. It is all game. Because it is YOUR story.

On of my favorite things is for a family to ask to bathe the baby. It is such a tender and beautiful moment to capture for your family. The baby only fits in the sink or baby tub for so long. Before you know it, they are taking a shower and washing their own hair! It is happening in my house with my two babies. My littlest still fits in our big kitchen sink. But my eldest is on to taking showers without much protest.

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It is not just the bath that provides fun, but after the bath, when you dry off your warm and clean baby and marvel at how perfect they are. All together, giving your kids some bath time will only take up about 20-40 minutes of our session time. This will all depend on your routine, and how long the kids put up with it! It is pretty common for our sessions to follow the lead of the littlest family members.

Do you have any small routines that you would like to work into your family session? What milestones are you celebrating?

These images are your story, lets make it as honest and true to who you are as we possibly can.

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