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Baking Cookies with Jude, Seattle Family Photographer

April 27th, 2018

Columbia City, Seattle

Cookies with Jude

When families are booking their sessions, I am often asked "What will we do at home during our session?"... For me, I have pulled together a list of fun and engaging activities that my families have connected with. Because my main goal in suggesting activities like these, is to get you to think about what your family likes to do together. Or what your normal lazy weekend morning looks like. We want to document your normal and create images that are extra ordinary, unique and fun. Images to remember THIS moment in your lives.

After having kids, you want to pass on as many of life's lessons as you can...  and other essential life tools... like baking a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch ;-)Jude is two, and he helps around the kitchen. He helped make my coffee, he mixed the batter and he even taste tested to make sure we were good to bake! Thank you Jude!

To give an example of how to spend our time at my in home sessions, making coffee and mixing up cookies takes about 20-30 minutes... depending on how much toddler timing is added on. While the cookies bake, we can read books or play with a favorite set of toys. Jude likes his wooden train set and reading Curious George. When the cookies are get to enjoy them! And you know, if you give a kid a cookie... he is going to want a cup of milk to go with it. ;-)

Baking cookies, waiting and then enjoying them after takes up about 1 hour. Stay tuned for my next post detailing the other half of this amazing in home family session! But for now, enjoy Jude and his cookies!

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