A different kind of Family Portrait | Seattle Family Photographer - Alec Mills Photography

A different kind of Family Portrait | Seattle Family Photographer

September 3rd, 2018

Seattle, Washington

Lifestyle photography, documentary photography, candid photography... whatever you call it... I call it capturing moments. There is a stigma around what a family portrait should be. Our parents remember trips to the local Sears with our best clothing on, big smiles and standing up straight. We all have those wonderful portraits to hold and smile at our family's younger selves. 

These days we all have a camera at our fingertips. Cell phone cameras are getting better and better, and I admittedly take many of my family snap shots on my camera phone. But, when there is a moment I really want to remember. I reach for my powerful camera, inspired by the light and shadow and I record what is before me. 

With my clients, I want to create an experience that is worth saving in their memory banks. We work together to find activities that will fill our time together. Whether we meet at your local park to picnic and let the kids run wild. Or, staying at home to make cookies and read their favorite books in bed.

We always throw in a classic family portrait to record the time passing, but your families legacy is how you hold hands, move through a crowded kitchen, watch as your kids run circles and cuddle in the early hours of the weekend.

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