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A Morning Spent with Family

Creating an experience for your family photographs.

July 6th, 2018

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Filling our time together is a big topic of conversation with my clients. I spend time communicating with you on your desired location, whether at your home or on an adventure. But, when we settle on spending time and creating together in your home... there is a moment where you wonder.."What will we do while Alec is here?"

The best place to start... think of inviting me into your weekend morning routine. You are likely making coffee or breakfast, your home is either calm or chaotic ... or both. As a mother of 2 girls, I am all too familiar with the chaos that can erupt. We live and breath it, and we roll with it. I am there to document it all. The joy and the vulnerabilities.

Because most of all, I want to capture you and your family in your natural habitat. Playing under the blankets, jumping on the bed, getting tossed around by dad... your home is your comfort zone and it deserves to be documented. 


Today, I am showing you the second half of this in home Seattle family session. The first 45 minutes started with Mixing and Baking cookies with Jude. Spend a moment and scroll through those delicious frames.

After the cookies were baked and cooling,  we pilled everyone into mom and dad's bed to do a little wrestling and cuddling... because with a 2 year old... that combo go hand in hand.

I first met this family 2 years ago for Jude's newborn photos. Their family dogs were so cuddly and beautiful, and when their whippet joined us on the bed for the last part of the session, Jude was so happy to show her love. 

Family pets can always be included in your family sessions. Whether we are at your home, or meeting at a park, I am always happy to include your family pets.

My in home sessions are 90 minutes, and we can fill that time with thoughtful and creative activities... or just pile into bed and create pillow forts. 

What do your weekend mornings look like?

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