8 Reasons why you should work with me | Seattle Family + Newborn Photographer

September 8th, 2018

Seattle, Washington

* You connect with my work and style

* you feel and relive moments when looking at photographs

* you want to see yourself + family through someone else's perspective

* I create an experience unique to you - no two sessions are exactly a like. every love and family is different, and my goal is to show you  what you do already is beautiful together.

* I am laid back and casual. I try to be funny and easy going (when I am not running late...)

* I am a human, raising 2 little humans. I can relate to what you might be going through as new parents or parents of young kids.

* I am a ball of emotional beauty and am just as vulnerable as you. I want to find that connection between us, so we can settle into getting to know eachother on a deeper level. At that moment, when we let go of our expectations, we can create something truly special.

* Because you want someone you can trust with you time and family's memories

* Because you want a collection of images that gains importance over time *

** By definition I will be taking your picture. But I am not there to MAKE you look beautiful, by job is to SHOW you how beautiful you already are.

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